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Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn CD
Nick Rhodes, Wendy Bevan | Price: $24.95
CD: DD Fan Club DPRO-29821-2 (UK 2021)
Astronomia is a collaboration between the artists Nick Rhodes and Wendy Bevan. It is a creative collision of analogue synthesizers, violins, voices and orchestral arrangements fueled by their shared attraction to the Universe.

Just a few copies in stock, strictly limited edition! Original CD professionally mastered and manufactured (not a CD-R). Perfect sound quality (10). Tracklisting:

01. The Great Attractor
02. Pandora And Prometheus
03. Changing Aspects Of The Rings
04. The Drowning Heart Of Andromeda
05. The Fall Of Saturn
06. Unknown Recital
07. Ocean Of Titan
08. The Cassini Division
09. Veiled Apparition
10. Sacred Tears Of Dione
11. Scarlet Awakening
12. Aphelion
13. Sixth Planet From The Sun

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[released 20 March 2021]